Chiappa Rhino 50ds

Chiappa Rhino 50ds

The Chiappa Rhino 50DS breaks the conventional design of modern revolvers. This is the last gun an Italian revolver designer Emilio Ghisoni designed before his death, which carries the distinct feature of his Mateba revolvers.
The Rhino 50Ds are aesthetically pleasing, especially with the wood grip. The wooden grip has an aggressive texturing and it complements the gun’s black anodized finish.Additionally, the grip is removable, using a hex wrench. The gun also looks very durable as the frame, barrel, and cylinder are made of steel materials.The gun has scallops behind the trigger guard that’s excellent for those with small fingers.

The trigger guard has a shallow angle that eliminates the need to install aftermarket grips to prevent your knuckle from getting whacked during recoil when shooting.The low frame of the barrel helps mitigate recoil by sending the push-back impulse as close to the centerline of the grip and the forearm of the shooter as possible. As a result, the recoil goes straight back to the strongest part of the shooter’s grip.

The cylinder can hold 6 rounds of ammo and has a hexagonal shape.The hexagonal cylinder rotates clockwise and is easy to reload. The sights are visible and adjustable.

Chiappa Rhino 50ds 357 Magnum

The Chiappa Rhino 50DS fires from the bottom cylinder and features a false hammer that serves as the revolver’s cocking mechanism.To use it, pull the “hammer” back and release it. The hammer then springs back to what appears like an uncocked position. The red indicator will show up for single-action mode to help identify if the gun is cocked at a glance.Plus, cocking the gun can be heavy, which may exhaust the gun owner after shooting a couple of rounds.
The chiappa rhino 50ds also chambers the .357 Magnum, which is a powerful round used for self-defense and competition shooting. It can also chamber the .38 Special round.

Chiappa Rhino 50ds For Sale

If you are looking for a powerful, reliable revolver to protect your family and business while still maintaining the sleek look of an Italian sports car, then the Chiappa Rhino 50DS is perfect for you. It features a five round cylinder and an adjustable rear sight, as well as a front blade sight and fixed or interchangeable blades. The gun has polymer grips and an accessory rail for mounting various optics. It comes with two 10 round magazines, one 6 round magazine, and features a double action trigger mechanism. If you are looking to buy Chiappa Rhino 50ds, then this is the place!

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Chiappa Rhino 40ds vs 50ds


  1. The 50 DS comes equipped with bright fiber optic sights and adjustable rear sights.
  2. The wooden grip option has aggressive texturing; It also has a rubber grip option that provides excellent grip.
  3. A crisp trigger for every single-action pull.
  4. Low muzzle rise and feel recoil on every shot.



  1. The Rhino 50 DS has a “hammer” as a cocking mechanism that is heavy to cock back.
  2. It has a hefty price tag at $1,279 MSRP, which is too much for a revolver.
    In conclusion, the 50DS is more suitable for concealed carry weapons.

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