Chiappa Rhino 60ds

Chiappa Rhino 60ds

The Rhino differs from traditional revolvers in a number of ways.The frame of the Rhino is made of Ergal (an aluminium alloy), and the receiver is CNC-machined from a solid block of high-tensile aluminium.
CNC stands for “computer numerical control.” These machines represent a manufacturing process used to control a wide range of complex tasks. It uses a program to control the operation of machine tools such as lathes and mills.

The Chiappa Rhino 60Ds is a revolver that uses 357 Magnum as its main caliber. Famous for its eccentric design, it sits right with Chiappa Firearms’ Rhino revolvers. Its barrel’s top edge resembles that of a rhino’s nose horn ― hence the name. The Rhino 60DS is a 6-inch barreled revolver with a smooth medium walnut grip. It can hold both chamber 357 Magnum and 38 Special rounds. Moreover, you can fire it either in single- or double-action modes.

Chiappa Rhino 60ds Nebula

The Rhino 60DS is the improved version of the former compared to the Rhino 50DS; this wheel-gun includes a 6-inch barrel with a weight of 2.06 pounds and also, rails sit at both the top and bottom of the gun’s barrel.Although a bit heavier, the Rhino 60DS still feels light and easy to hold and shoot. Moreover, there are many color options to choose from when buying this gun. The Rhino 60DS also comes with a medium walnut grip apart from its unusual bore axis design.For example, clutching it in a firing position makes it look like you’re pointing it a bit upward from the target.While the gun’s grip is a good feature to many, some may find this as a disadvantage.
The Rhino 60DS feels great and is easy to carry. For large hand-sized shooters, you can grip it using either one or both of your hands. Also, this firearm can cater to both left- and right-handed users.

Chiappa Rhino 60ds For Sale

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Advantages of Chiappa rhino 60ds

1.Trigger is wide enough to accommodate your finger’s size. It’s also crisp to the touch when pulled.

2.Bright optic sights make it fit for both day and night shooting.

3.Despite its hefty appearance, its total weight is only about 2 pounds. This makes it light and easy to carry around.

4.Could both function as a single or double action gun when needed.

5.Its lower bore axis keeps it aligned to your hand and arms while shooting.

Disadvantages of Chiappa rhino 60ds

1.When holstered, it creates a noticeable bulge due to its unusual design

2.The grip is a bit short, making it awkward to fire when gripping.

3.It is expensive with a starting price of $1,000 and up.

4.The cylinder leaves gunpowder remnants behind.

Chiappa rhino 60ds have some differences and similarities with 50ds;


1.Both can provide accurate and powerful shooting performance.

2.Both Rhino revolvers make reliable self-defense and competition-shooting firearms.


1.The Rhino 50DS is cheaper with a sale price of $1,029 in the market while the Rhino 60ds is expensive.

2.They both differ in barrel length and weight with a 5-inch barrel and 1.97 mass, it’s clear that the Rhino 50DS is more suitable for concealed carry.
In conclusion,The Rhino 60DS is an excellent gun for self-defense and competition shooting.Although an amount of around $1,000 is needed to pay to get it, the performance quality you can get from it is superb.

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